Vinhos Niepoort, Douro, Dão, Bairrada and more

Vinhos Niepoort, Douro, Dão, Bairrada and more

Niepoort has been an independent family business since its creation in 1842. Today it is led by the fifth generation, Dirk Niepoort, supported by his sons Daniel and Marco. Dirk has been a relentless innovator and creative throughout his time at Niepoort. One of his early priorities was to purchase parcels of old, steep (and often north facing) vineyards in the Douro to give greater control over supply. Quinta de Napoles was purchased in 1987 with thirty hectares and Quinta do Carril followed in 1988 with nine hectares. Niepoort now own over eighty hectares of vineyards in the Douro, all farmed organically.

Another of Dirk’s great initiatives was to focus on the production of spectacular unfortified, table wines showcasing the local, indigenous varieties. He has spearheaded this idea for over twenty years and in the early days was seen as a maverick, when the status quo in the Douro was to focus on port production. A futuristic winery was erected at Quinta de Napoles in 2007 and this serves as the centre of the Douro table wine production. Further rare old vines have been acquired in Bairrada, Dão and Vino Verde as Dirk continued his insatiable appetite for new projects and relentless invention. One constant throughout this extraordinary journey is that Niepoort always create wines with a lightness of touch, a supreme elegance and purity, that is so prized by today’s wine enthusiasts.

The company had long had a great reputation for port and tawny port in particular. Dirk has certainly developed this reputation further with equally fierce demand for both tawny and vintage styles. Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’, Niepoort also created the ‘Ruby Dum and Tawny Dee’ characters to bring these two port production processes to life. Niepoort remains the only house to produce the peerless ‘Garrafeira’ ports, which are aged initially in wood, followed by glass demi-johns before being finally bottled.

A recent innovation has been the development of the Nat-Cool range which is Dirk’s take on natural wines with his own rules.

1. No rules
2. Respect the first rule
3. Less is more
4. Cooler = less extraction, less alcohol, less mess
5. Authentic, organic, cool attitude
6. One litre bottle
7. Cool price
8. The incredible lightness of being